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over 20 years experience

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Lipsie Agency: twenty years’ experience at the top of the global professional translation market

Translation services to increase sales and improve the corporate image.

Lipsie Languages Technical Translations

Entrust your translations to the maturity of a true linguistic leader and opt with the utmost serenity for LIPSIE Technical Translation Agency. We are a team of professionals experienced in the management of your strategic, urgent, impromptu or time-consuming language projects. Our multi-sector translation services apply the H2T® Method, a state-of-the-art procedure in the exploration of translation best practices, based on almost 20 years of LIPSIE experience in the professional translation market.

What we do

Discover our 3 great areas of expertise

Lipsie Languages

Technical Translations for the Aerospace, Electronics, Energy, Medical-Sanitary Devices, Food, Automotive, Precision Mechanics, IT, Construction, Scientific Research and Government Sector.

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Lipsie Entertainment

Audiovisual Translation for the localization of Screenplays, Scripts with Dubbing, Adaptation and Subtitling.

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Lipsie Editions

Translation of editorial texts such as books, novels (of different literary genres), monographs, short stories, poetry collections, publications in general.

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Our philosophy and business practice are based on the precision of services and the uniqueness of relationships: these are the two prerogatives that bind us to our clients. We customize our language services so that each of them feels listened to, cared for and in good hands to arouse their satisfaction and loyalty over time. We stand out because we propose fast and effective solutions, for urgent translation projects or complex architecture, which also require managerial, marketing and creative skills.


What they say about us

Thank you so much,
here is the final version (we changed only two words!). We can close the project successfully.
Thanks again!

Emmanuel H.
Brand & Comms Specialist
Shell UK Oil Products Ltd

Thank you for your work in such a timely manner. No revision to do, everything was perfect! Thank you again for your help that is always appreciated.

Giada G.
HR People Development Manager
DHL Express Srl

Thank you for your work! The translation was perfect. I will remotely check that the invoice is paid quickly. See you soon!

M. Nicolas P.
Solutions & Products Manager
LafargeHolcim Innovation Center


Human Translation Technology, an effectively managed production process, is one of the key factors to achieve excellent results and maintain a high loyalty rate of one’s own clients. LIPSIE Translation Agency has created and implemented a procedure that coordinates and guarantees the quality of translations, including quality control and traceability of the services and professionals who have carried them out (professional translators, adaptors, specialist reviewers and proofreaders).

A registered quality label, H2T includes innovative and relevant requirements in the world of professional technical translation to determine the choice, control and quality of our human resources. It guarantees valid, fast performance at reduced costs, exactly what the current market demands. The time we dedicate to needs analysis is fully rewarded by the loyalty of our clients, and this comforts us and spurs us to continue to provide our language services with this innovative and winning spirit.

Technical & creative translation

  • Technical translations

    The technical translation agency Lipsie meets all the needs of the production sectors (food, automotive, chemical, defense, construction, electronic, pharmaceutical, ICT, manufacturing, metallurgical, metalworking, mining, petrochemical and steel), for the different types of documents and formats: technical instruction manuals, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, user guides, software strings, brochures, technical reports, financial documents, financial statements, contracts, company statutes, legal translations, patents, attestations, etc.

  • Digital content translations

    Lipsie is an expert in the localization of digital content: social media (blogs, posts on social networks, webinars), emails, apps, podcasts and video games. For website translations, our services also include content reviews, study/localization of keywords from an SEO perspective and Adwords campaigns. We translate in all formats and our service includes assistance to Webmasters during the publication and final revision of websites in the test area, before their official publication.


    Translation agency Lipsie also provides translation services in the publishing, marketing, advertising and audiovisual sectors: translation of books and novels, poems, short stories, promotional and advertising campaigns, storytelling, translation of scripts and synopsis, magazines, translation and adaptation of screenplays (lip sync, similar sync, voice over) and video subtitling.

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